Location & Worship Info

Worship Times


9:30 Divine Service with Holy Communion every Sunday

11:00 Christian Education/Sunday School

Wednesdays in Advent and Lent

5:30 Vespers

6:30 Advent Fellowship Dinner

Worship Info

Our worship service reaches beyond the here and now. We use songs and prayers that are focused on Jesus, what He has done, and what He continues to do for His people across space and time. To misquote a great writer, “tradition is the majority vote from those who have passed before us to the minority of us who are living.”* Therefore we find it wise to patiently examine what we do with what those before us have done.

A dress code for Sunday is not our focus (although clothing is not optional since we’re no longer in the Garden of Eden!). We simply ask that clothing be considerate of others.

We love to have visitors. In our desire to care for everyone on a personal level, we ask that visitors speak to the pastor before taking communion. It is our goal to make sure nobody gets lost in the crowd.



7291 Sarah Street

Maplewood, MO

One block south of Manchester at Marshall Ave.

Next to the Maplewood Post Office.

Behind Schlafly Bottleworks


*Check our Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton. The misquoted section is gleaned from chapter 4.