Blind Mission

Lutheran Blind Outreach

  • We meet monthly to strengthen the faith of those with vision impairment by devotions, Christian fellowship and making available Gospel-oriented magazines in three formats—Braille, large type, and recorded on audiocassette tapes.Many people are aware that our society has moved away from a neighborhood-based community. Busy lives, more demands from work, and the great dependence on the automobile have brought about this change. This has negatively impacted the blind and visually impaired community, forcing it into more isolation and separation.


    How Can I Help?

    Volunteers are always needed to:

    1.    Help in the kitchen

    2.    Help serve the meal

    3.    Help drive people to and from the gathering


    If you would like to join us or to volunteer contact Kerry Smith, Director at: (314)-963-0696


    For more information about our ministries contact the church office at 314-647-1215 or